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Join us in our fight to make a New York City that works for everyone.

May 24 2017 Fair Work Week Act Rally


Fast-food workers have always called our movement a campaign for “$15 and a union.” We won $15 and other hard-won improvements. Now we are organizing with 32BJ SEIU to win our union.

Join us in our fight to make a New York City that works for everyone.

We Deserve a Union!

Fast-Food Workers Tell Their Stories

"Last year, two days before Thanksgiving, my manager fired me unfairly. My manager had added a shift to my schedule during a time I had told him I was unavailable to work. I tried to change my schedule to accommodate the extra shift, but when a personal situation developed , I called and told my manager that I had a problem. This was well in advance of the shift. He sympathized with me on the phone but fired me when I came in to work for my next shift. He cited a list of write-ups I had never seen before."

Princess Wright


"I was a manager at Chipotle at Montague Street when I received a pay-cut in hours, going from five days to three days as well as losing one hour on Fridays.

In addition, I was not paid for sick time and was harassed at home for not coming in to work and was not allowed to use the hours I had accrued. I slot 17 hours weekly due to an argument with another manager. This reduced income by 272 or 544 per pay period."

Steve Vidal

Chipotle Worker

"A new manager came from another Chipotle site and he started cutting our hours, hiring new people from his old store and giving them the hours. 

I went down to eight hours a week. I can't live on eight hours. If you don't get the hours, how are you going to survive? I've been here and I've been working and it's like, I showed my worth. How is it that a new person comes in and you're just going to get rid of all the people who are here? That is not fair to us."

Melody Walker


"When I started, I received 34-40 hours a week. Now, I get 18-22 hours a week. I had to get a second job at a sushi restaurant to keep up with expenses. Having my hours cut drastically affected my ability to care for my family. Working a second job makes it even harder for me to see a doctor and maintain my health. I feel overworked. Since Dunkin’ Donuts cut my hours, I feel unstable in my everyday life. Every day is an opportunity to see my kids and I am not getting that."

Ivelisse Pena

Dunkin Donuts

"I worked at the Downtown Manhattan Arby’s for two years. Managers consistently cut my hours, from 38.5 a week to 15 hours. They fired me for calling out because of a domestic violence dispute at my house. When they cut my hours, it started to affect my life. It was hard to pay my rent, eat, and get my niece diapers. I don’t receive food stamp or welfare benefits. I was out of work for three months. I became depressed and it was hard for me to find another job."

Daniella Morales


"I was getting 30 hours a week but that got reduced to 12 hours a week, making it difficult for me to pay rent. When I lived in a shelter, leaving work too late meant that I lose my place if I got to the Shelter too late. But if I called out from work because I did not want to lose my place in the shelter, then they cut more of my hours.

If I came to work sick, it was a problem and if I called out from work because I was sick it was a problem but they told me they would fire me if I came to work sick."

Darleny Liriano


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