Daniella Morales, Downtown Manhattan Arby’s

Daniella Morales, 21, of the Bronx.

I worked at the Downtown Manhattan Arby’s for two years. Managers consistently cut my hours, from 38.5 a week to 15 hours. They fired me for calling out because of a domestic violence dispute at my house.

I had called the assistant manager to tell her I can’t make it to work the next day because I got kicked out of my home and wasn’t able to sleep for two days. I ended up coming in the next day. I was late by 30 minutes and was sent home early and told I was terminated.

I live with my aunt, who is sick and disabled. Me and my twin, Luisa, who still works at Arby’s (getting only two days now), support her two kids who are 2- and 6-year old.

When they cut my hours, it started to affect my life. It was hard to pay my rent, eat, and get my niece diapers. I don’t receive food stamp or welfare benefits. I was out of work for three months. I became depressed and it was hard for me to find another job.