Edwin Cabrera, Domino’s Pizza

Edwin Cabrera, 35, married with two kids  and from Washington Heights.

I have worked at Domino’s Pizza on West 181st Street for the past 11 years. My issue is that I don’t get enough hours at work to make enough money to make ends meet. I get about 28 hours these days in a good week. My manager said that that now that we make more money, they could not give me more hours. But they hire new people and not only pay them the same money that we make, often they give them more hours.

Before we won the fight to raise the minimum wage, I got more hours and, with tips, I was able to work just one job. But now, after the pay raise, I have had to go get a second job just to be able to pay my bills and take care of my family. I feel bad about this. We fought so hard to raise wages but now they’ve turned us into part-timers. Those of us that have worked there a long time should at least get the same number of hours we were getting before.

I think they are retaliating against us for fighting and winning the fight to raise wages. They want to push those of us who were part of the movement to raise wages out and replace us with these new workers. They think they could clean house by cutting our hours enough so that we will leave. That is unfair.