Ivelisse Pena, Dunkin Donuts

I have been working at Dunkin Donuts at 1703 3rd Avenue for about seven months. When I started, I received 34-40 hours a week. Now, I get 18-22 hours a week. I had to get a second job at a sushi restaurant to keep up with expenses.

My wife and I have two kids, 4 and 5 years old. Having my hours cut drastically affected my ability to care for my family. I was not able to pay my rent twice and my landlord evicted me in August. I was not able to pay my bills and was not able to see my children for a few weeks in order to get myself together. Having my hours cut led me to not have enough time to do anything else that I needed to take care of my family and it took a toll on my personal life.

Working a second job makes it even harder for me to see a doctor and maintain my health. I feel overworked. Since Dunkin’ Donuts cut my hours, I feel unstable in my everyday life. Every day is an opportunity to see my kids and I am not getting that.