Kerri Watts, Burger King

I worked at Burger King at 106 Liberty St. I have been employed there since 2012. In May 2018, I was placed on the lower level by former General Manager Sylvia as a cashier without training. Two weeks later (March 26th), I was sent home for a counterfeit $100 bill.

General Manager Myra counted my drawer and I was cleared to leave, but was called back to the store by her. When I entered the store, I was told about the counterfeit bill by Myra and manager Diveen. I wasn’t given a write up despite being late in the past. Later that evening, I was contacted by Myra saying to meet with Diveen at the Liberty store at 1 p.m., but that meeting never happened.

On either April 3rd or 4th, Diveen contacted me saying to meet her at the 42nd Street store. At that meeting I was told that I wasn’t terminated and I returned to 106 Liberty on April 5th. I was placed back on register, again with no training. In April, my co-worker Shakeem and I were given final warnings for being late. On June 18th I was terminated by Myra and Digna for being late. When leaving, co-worker Shakeem was also coming in late and he was allowed to work.