Melody Walker, Midtown Chipotle

I worked at Chipotle in Midtown for a year. At first, I was surrounded by positive people and things were good for a while. I was a cashier, a line backer, I did prep and was also a server. I moved around, did a little bit of everything.

I started out working about 27 hours a week. As a mother of two kids, that just wasn’t enough hours to earn the money I needed to care for my kids, pay the bills and put a roof over our heads. So, I talked to the manager who hired me and she gave me more hours. But everything went downhill about eight months after I got there because that manager left.

The new manager came from another Chipotle site and he started cutting our hours, hiring new people from his old store and giving them the hours. I just think they want their own people in, their friends from other stores, so their friends got the hours.

I went down to eight hours a week. I can’t live on eight hours. I had to go and get public assistance. I was able to get unemployment because if you’re not working up to a certain number of hours, you could collect unemployment.

If you don’t get the hours, how are you going to survive? I’ve been here and I’ve been working and it’s like, I showed my worth. How is it that a new person comes in and you’re just going to get rid of all the people who are here? That is not fair to us.