Princess Wright, Brooklyn McDonalds

For four years, I was a full-time student by day and a fast food worker by night, working as a crew trainer or at the Drive-Thru window at the 840 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn McDonald’s.

Last year, two days before Thanksgiving, my manager fired me unfairly. My manager had added a shift to my schedule during a time I had told him I was unavailable to work. I tried to change my schedule to accommodate the extra shift, but when a personal situation developed and I could no longer work that shift, I called and told my manager that I had a problem. This was well in advance of the shift. He sympathized with me on the phone but fired me when I came in to work for my next shift. He cited a list of write-ups I had never seen before.

I wasn’t supposed to be working anyway. I had given them my availability and told them I could not work overnight anymore because of work-study requirement for my financial aid at school.

I was being forced to do that shift and they refused to give me hours working other shifts otherwise. He said he did not have hours in the morning or mid-shifts but when I happen to pop in, in the store, I see they are struggling and that they could use me.

I have responsibilities. I have rent. I have school fees. Thank God I was able to discuss it with them and get my job back but it took four days. The four days I was out of work, that was money I was going to use to pay fees for classes. Because I missed those four days of work, I had to use money that I was going to use to pay other things for that.