Chipotle’s management practices lead to food safety risks, according to 47 current and past employees

47 current and former workers at Chipotle Mexican Grill locations across New York City say that the restaurant chain’s managerial practices, including pay bonus programs, cleanliness audits, and sick leave policy, put food safety at risk.

In a report provided to Business Insider by the National Consumers League and the Service Employees International Union, workers said that bonuses paid to restaurant managers are based on performance goals “that include minimizing labor costs,” creating a “highly pressurized environment.” That pressure can lead to “cutting corners on food safety,” workers said. Bloomberg previously reported on the workers’ allegations on February 5.

Workers also said that managers at locations across New York City are often tipped off about when their restaurant will be audited for cleanliness, and that managers “have relaxed rule following outside of inspection periods” but increase food safety protocols “when an audit is imminent.”


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